Secure farming machine finance for upcoming Field Days 2024 

Securing low rate farming machine finance through Business.Finance on a pre-approved basis, can equip agri operators for ordering at upcoming field days 2024. The annual schedule of agricultural focussed shows, expos and events is underway already with nearly all states and territories holding an event in the first half of the year. Many of these shows focus on agri equipment, providing attendees with the ideal opportunity to place orders on the latest models. Placing orders at shows saves time visiting the dealership in town at a later time and may allow the machinery to be delivered, commissioned and delivering yields sooner. To ensure operators are equipped to order, we provide a pre-approved farming and agriculture machinery loans. Approval of the credit application with an offer on a certain amount with repayment schedules, all before the order has been placed. Convenient, time-saving and a highly efficient way to approach agri equipment funding. To allow operators to plan which events to attend... Read More Caret Right

Get new lines into production with low rate Manufacturing Plant Finance

With low rate manufacturing plant finance Business.Finance supports commercial operators cost-effectively launch new lines into the their production facility. The need to maintain a competitive edge, build brand loyalty, appeal to changing consumer tastes, stay up to date with local and global trends can require the regular development of new lines and products into the range. In the food production and processing and fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) sectors this is particularly evident. But across many industry sectors, the necessity to upgrade and modify production processes can arise. It may be a new product or a new and improved way to produce a product to deliver greater efficiencies to the operation and greater appeal to consumers. For some commercial operations, the need for new facilities and equipment may be not for production and processing, but for packaging. With the changes in regard to plastics, many producers are having to change to recyclable packaging. Changes which may entail new equipment installations. The... Read More Caret Right

Low Rates to Refinance Balloon Payments

Business.Finance works with commercial operators to structure low rate solutions to refinance balloon payments for trucks, motor vehicles and equipment loans. Operators that took out new commercial funding when rates started to fall back in 2020 or prior, may be coming up to the end of the funding term. That means addressing the payment of the final lump sum balloon or residual. Most will have opted for this feature when structuring their initial funding arrangements as it can offer significant benefits in reducing the monthly payments and as such, easing cash flow pressure. But with the end of the term comes the time to pay the lump sum due. Depending on the percentage originally agreed for this inclusion and the initial total borrowing, the amount due could be sizeable. An amount beyond the cash reserves held by the enterprise. One option which many choose is to time replacing assets with the end of the credit term and the due date... Read More Caret Right

Securing workable bad credit commercial loans

Workable bad credit commercial loans may be achievable for operators that engage specialist brokers Business.Finance to source the most affordable options. Operations of all types across all industry sectors can face financial challenges under all types of economic conditions. The past few years have created a difficult scenario for some, with government support through the pandemic followed by high inflation, consecutive RBA, rising costs and supply chain issues presenting major challenges for enterprises to keep up with their commitments. When an enterprises falls behind in payments and their rating falls to poor, the challenges can intensify with major difficulties in assessing funding to support the operation to recover. Engaging expert brokers to sourcing funding may offer enterprises in this situation the support required. Bad Credit Scenarios Commercial operators can see their rating fall to poor for a range of reasons. The main one being late or non-payments on loan commitments, to suppliers and on regulatory payments such as to the... Read More Caret Right

Best Selling Utes Top 2023 Sales Figures

Business.Finance supports operators to secure one of the latest best selling utes with workable, low rate financing, structured to their specific needs. Funding which is individually sourced from across the vast motor vehicle lending market to ensure the right lender and the best rate is secured and terms and conditions negotiated to suit the individual objectives of the operation. Funding that will work as hard for the operation as their new commercial vehicle. So which vehicles are the top sellers? For anyone that follows the monthly sales reports or even takes a look around work sites or in traffic, the answer is probably quite clear – the Ford Ranger and the Toyota HiLux. For calendar year 2023, in the VFACTS sales figures released by the FCAI, the Ranger took top place on the annual podium by 2,000 more sales than HiLux. While these two models continue to dominate the market, they are not the only vehicles in the leading 10... Read More Caret Right

Financing Top Selling Trucks at Best Rates

Focussing on the sourcing best rates and structuring payments to suit cash flow Business.Finance assists operators to acquire the latest top selling trucks. Many astute operators are looking to upgrade to new vehicles to achieve increased efficiency, reduce operating fuel costs and emissions and improve productivity and safety. Objectives which may be achieved with the latest technology, features and systems on many of the best-selling vehicles on the market. To find which vehicles are attracting the attention of other operators, buyers can review the monthly and annual sales data as announced through the TIC – Truck Industry Council and reported in industry media. The results of for 2023 and the month of December 2023 were announced recently and show a record for the heavy vehicle sector. For those interesting in owning the market’s leading brand, look to purchasing an Isuzu. This brand has dominated the sales charts with their comprehensive range across the categories and once again topped the figures... Read More Caret Right

Get Finance Approved to Buy at Equipment Auctions

For operators planning to purchase at equipment auctions, Business.Finance provides pre-approved low rate used machinery finance to provide bidder confidence. Bidding at an auction can at times be nerve-racking. How high should you bid? Do I have the funds to pay that price? Will I have my credit approved in time to settle? Pre-arranging your machinery credit ahead of the event, may remove many of doubts and provide confidence to secure the machines required at these sales. Purchasing second-hand machinery at sales events can be an astute move. Especially in the current economic climate of higher operating costs. Quality used machinery can present a cost-effective acquisition compared with purchasing new. But acquiring goods at these events can require pre-planning, especially when funding is required to settle the successful lots. With our specialist lending services, operators can be well-prepared to bid on the day with their funding approved. Options for Securing Finance for Equipment Auctions When buying at sales events, bidders... Read More Caret Right

New Year, New Business Venture? Flexible Start Up Business Finance Options Available

Business.Finance assists operators with new ventures to secure flexible start up business finance for vehicles, trucks and equipment through the right lenders. As many new operators will quickly realise, not all banks and credit companies will approve lending applications from new enterprises. At least typically not with workable, affordable rates and conditions. Many lenders have approval criteria which include a minimum turnover, a minimum operational time and the inclusion of the complete range of financial records and documents. So how does a new set-up get off the ground with affordable asset funding? By applying for funding with the lenders that do approve funds for new operators. How does a new operator find these lenders? By engaging with a specialist broker in the commercial lending sector. We have accreditation with the type of lenders that new set-ups may need and we have the enthusiasm and interest to ensure our clients secure the funding their require. Getting Approved for Start Up Business... Read More Caret Right

Time to upgrade? Latest best selling vehicles revealed

For operators looking to upgrade as car stocks ease and sales soar, Business Finance provides lower rates on all options for financing best selling vehicles. From the latest record breaking sales figures, it appears that many individuals and businesses are getting behind the wheel of their new drives. The FCAI (Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries) reports yet another sales record for the month of August. The August 2023 results were the highest for an August and an encouraging 15.4% above the sales posted for August 2022. While the sales results are extremely beneficial for manufacturers and car dealers, for buyers, the impressive figures can mean better availability of vehicles after extended stock shortages. A welcome situation for business owners that have been wanting to upgrade their vehicles. The monthly vehicle sales results are interesting reading for motoring enthusiasts in general and for buyers that are keen to know where stock may be available and what other buyers have decided are... Read More Caret Right