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Complete Portfolio of Equipment Loans & Finance Options

We provide a complete portfolio of commercial credit options backed with smart technology, resources and specialist expertise across many industry sectors. Facilitating quick and easy access to lower interest rate funding for all types of operators to acquire the plant and machinery they need for their specific operation.

As an Australian owned, operated and located company, we know the local conditions, the current economic environment, latest tax rulings, company financials – we know what Aussie operators need when it comes to funds. We know and we source the right lender and right lending arrangement to meet those needs.

Business Finance Complete Portfolio of Equipment Loans & Finance Options
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Find the Best Equipment Finance Interest Rates
Compare Equipment Finance Interest Rates

We prioritise achieving lower rates as the foundation for a more cost-effective and workable solution. Compare the rates we are currently achieving across our portfolio and speak with us for a specific quote for your particular machinery acquisition.

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Disclaimer: The comparison rate displayed is calculated for a loan of $30,000 over 5 years. The results from this calculator should be used as an indication only. Quoted repayments are based on advertised rates and do not include lender fees and charges. Results do not represent either quotes or pre-qualifications for a loan. The specific details of your loan will be provided to you in your loan contract. It is advised that you speak with us so that we can provide you with advice that is tailored to your situation.

17 May

Today's best rate

Finance Equipment From

4.99 % Fixed

* The interest rate is calculated on a secured loan for commercial use, effective 17/05/2024 and subject to change. Warning: the interest rate is only true for the examples given and may not include all fees and charges. Different terms, fees or other loan amounts may result in a different interest rate.

17 May

Today's best rate

Finance Equipment From

4.99 % Fixed

* The interest rate is calculated on a secured loan for commercial use, effective 17/05/2024 and subject to change. Warning: the interest rate is only true for the examples given and may not include all fees and charges. Different terms, fees or other loan amounts may result in a different interest rate.

Calculate Equipment Loan Estimates
How to Get Estimates Using Our Equipment Loan Calculator

Owners and operators can use our online resources to plan their funding requirements. Use our online calculator to obtain immediate rough repayment estimates to budget upcoming acquisitions.

  • Immediate repayment estimates
  • Plan funding structure preferences
  • Compare lending products
  • Compare makes and models
  • Assist with preparing budgets and cash flow forecasts

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Expand Your Equipment Financing Options
Get Access to Equipment Financing Experts with More Lender Options

We are experts in the commercial lending sector, with over 20 years of experience providing clients from across the Australian industry sector with affordable funding. We have established accreditations with over 80 lenders. That includes in the banking sector and with non-lenders that specialise in credit for certain industries and certain categories of machinery.

Utilising our industry connections, the leverage we have built up with many of our lenders, our acute acumen with financials and our smart technology, we find the right solution for our clients. Clients that trust and rely on our resources, services and support to ensure they can access the affordable funding they need to keep their operation going.

We’re committed to incorporating technological advances to continue to improve the efficiency of our operation to address client needs quickly and effectively. But without compromising on our individual and personal approach. Every client gets our unwavering attention to their specific needs.

  • Access to 80+ lenders – traditional banks, specialist non-bank lenders.
  • Australian company with specific experience and expertise in sourcing funds for local operators.
  • Customised approach with individual attention and structured solutions.
  • Tax-optimised solutions with lower rates and optimum repayment schedule.
Specialists in Equipment Financing with Extensive Lender Choices

Choose the Perfect Equipment Finance Option
Choice of Types of Finance for Equipment

We provide clients with a complete choice of products to suit their operational set-up, their specific objectives and the machinery being acquired.

  • Equipment Chattel Mortgage – versatile, flexible secured format product that can suit many operators and many asset acquisitions.
  • Equipment Leasing – off-balance sheet product which allows acquisitions without the balance sheet pressure.
  • Commercial Equipment Hire Purchase – allows use of the equipment while the lender retains ownership over the lending term.
  • Equipment Rent to Own – select the machinery, have full use but without the asset appearing in the books until all payments are made.
  • Unsecured Loans for Equipment – where machinery not available or accepted as security, unsecured options can be a workable option through our non-bank lenders.
  • No Doc & Low Doc Equipment Financing – allows operators without financials to access affordable funding.
Diverse Financing Solutions for Equipment

Tailored Equipment Finance Solutions from Specialists
Get Specialist Equipment Finance Solutions

As commercial lending specialists, we take on the more challenging funding applications that many others do not. Assisting operators that can often face obstacles, to connect with our specialist services and connections to source workable solutions.

Start Up Equipment Financing Options Available: We work closely with sole traders, ABN holders and larger concerns that are new or in the initial stages of setting up their operation. We do have lenders that provide workable solutions for start-ups. Approvals can be achieved in many instances based on turnover for 6 months or we may negotiate alternative security for those without financials.

Small Business Equipment Finance Specialist: Sole traders, self-employed, ABN holders, partnerships and other small concerns can use our services to access the lenders that offer cost-effective funding for machinery.

Equipment Finance Bad & Poor Credit Options: Operators with credit challenges can  be offered workable funding arrangements for machinery in many instances. We open channels to specialist lenders to facilitate productive conversations and work towards positive outcomes.

Tailored Solutions for Equipment Financing Experts

Industry-Specific Equipment Loan Solutions
Customised Equipment Loan Solutions for Specific Industry Sectors

While offering commercial lending across Australian industry, we have specialist skills and experience in key sectors which we share to the benefit of our clients.

  • Construction – we have extensive working with owner-operators, tradies, small builders, main contractors and subcontractors in residential building, industrial construction, infrastructure and civil works areas. Funding yellow goods, excavation and materials loading and moving machinery, wheeled goods and other machines required.
  • Forestry – we assist clients with affordable credit to acquire the assets required to effectively carry out the work involved in managing the environment, land management, timber production, creating access and fire protection mitigation and land clearing and growing. Our online tools allow operators in remote areas to access our services and the right funding deal.
  • Catering & Hospitality – our experience across the hospitality sector is vast. Our clients include owners and operators of bars, pubs, hotels and other establishments as well as contract caterers and in-house operations in corporate offices and care facilities.
  • Restaurants & Kitchen – we assist owners to fit-out and/or upgrade entire restaurants or cooking facilities. Complete packages can be negotiated to cover furnishings and fittings or individual kitchen goods.
  • Café & Coffee Shops – staying abreast of trends is essential to maintain a customer base in the busy coffee shop sector. That can mean upgrading to the latest equipment and refreshing the fit out on a regular basis. Our experience in this area can be invaluable to operators requiring lower rate funding to update or start-up.
  • Mining – for large scale ventures and for the smaller owner-operators in the mining sector, we have accreditation with select non-bank lenders that specialise in funding heavy equipment to the mining sector. Our services are available Australia-wide to enable operators in even the most remote areas, access to our full service lending company.
  • Medical – we have established an enviable track record in working with hospitals, medical practitioners and medical service providers to source affordable funding for the latest medical technology. Funds for diagnostic and treatment machines as well as the general assets required for the practice or institution.
  • Farm & Agriculture, Agri Operators & Ag Producers – facilitating access to lenders that appreciate and value the contribution of the ag sector is one of our specialties. We assist primary producers, growers, graziers, farmers and associated trades to secure funding without many of the challenges often faced by the sector.
  • Gym & Fitness – whether a large-scale chain or an individual personal trainer, you will appreciate our knowledge and experience in lending in this area. We have worked with operators that are setting up entire new fitness centres and those upgrading facilities. Lending packages for individual and multiple machine purchases available.
  • Brewery – we support the growing Australian brewing industry with affordable funding to allow them to continue impressing on the world stage. Many brewers setting up can face challenges sourcing the funding to acquire the necessary assets. Whether small scale or a larger operation, we have the experience to assist.
  • IT – we appreciate that constantly upgrading to the latest technology can be a major expense and a complicated process. We streamline the process with flexible funding arrangements which facilitate easier regular upgrades at more affordable interest rates.
  • Office – when setting up new premises or re-fitting existing spaces, we have the expertise to structure funding which is both affordable and flexible. Whether an entire floor, whole building or a smaller areas, our solutions can cover fixtures and fittings, furniture, systems and installations and ancillary assets.
  • Manufacturing – we handle the lending requirements of the diverse Australian manufacturing as owners and operators work towards achieving improved productivity, greater efficiency, increased output and lower emissions with investments in new machinery.
  • Laundry – whether a large-scale commercial operation, an in-house facility in corporate, aged care, apartment complex or other building, we understand the need for flexible funding. Funding that enables regular replacement of machines without the financial impost on the operation.
  • Beauty – personal services in the beauty sector cover hairdressing, beauty treatment providers, nail technicians, manicurists and others. As a constantly growing market, we work with small and larger operators to secure funding arrangements which allow the flexibility to work with the operation and the replacement time for the assets.
  • Veterinary – specialist animal hospitals and smaller veterinary practices benefit from our ability to handle their entire funding requirements with minimal time required from them. Providing owners with the time to devote to the care of pets and other animals while we source the funds for them to invest in providing the best treatment.
  • Dental – we have first-hand experience in sourcing funding to meet the unique requirements of acquiring dental machines. Setting up a new practice or upgrading to the latest diagnostic and treatment technology, clients appreciate our capabilities in sourcing flexible funding and working with the supplier to arrange prompt settlement.
  • Industrial – our experience in the vast industrial sector is as vast as the sector itself. This sector encompasses many operators in engineering, logistics, storage, transportation, servicing and maintenance and others. We have specialty resources to secure lower rates on funding for industrial plant and machinery.
  • Bakery – just as artisan crafted products have surged in popularity so has our experience in assisting bakers to set-up efficient and productive operations. For smaller suburban bakeries we assist with set-up and start-up funding and replacing obsolete ovens. For commercial bakeries, we can structure lending for upgrades across the operation.
  • Radiology – we assist radiology providers to expand services to new areas and upgrade existing facilities with custom structured funding deals. Our experts in the healthcare lending area are skilled in sourcing funds for individual machines and entire practices. Funding can include acquisition, installation and commissioning costs.
  • Healthcare – the requirements of providers across the healthcare sector can utilise our expertise in sourcing flexible funding options. Our experience in this area provides us with the insights and understanding to quickly grasp the needs of individual providers and deliver the most suitable solutions.
Access Tax-Efficient Equipment Leasing Options

Experience Rapid Approvals
Fast Approvals on Finance for Equipment

Using our broker services can greatly assist operators find the best machinery funding options and the lowest interest rates. We also assist with fast approvals, regardless of an issues with individual applications.

Many applications can be approved within 2 hours. Apply Now or Call for a Quote!

Specialised Experts in Equipment Loans
Get Specialists, Experienced in Equipment Loans for Your Machinery

With our vast experience in machinery lending, clients take great confidence that we know what they are referring to when they talk specific machines. They appreciate our depth of knowledge which contributes to saving time when briefing and ensures we source the right lender for the right machines.

We have financed a vast and diverse selection of makes and models of machines across many sectors. Here are a few specific examples of machines what we have financed.

  • Excavator – owner-operators achieving workable Low Doc and No Doc solutions to acquire transportable models to carry out contract work.
  • Forklift – logistics operators upgrading machines across their facility with a structured funding package for multiple forklifts.
  • Bobcat – a favourite with sole traders setting up. We achieve start-up funding to acquire the machine at affordable terms and conditions.
  • Bus & Coaches – structured funding package to enable operators upgrade vehicles to more energy efficient models with terms negotiated over a longer term.
  • Crane – Chattel Mortgage financing achieved in time for operator to realise the benefits of IAWO prior to the cut-off date. Increasing the cost-effectiveness of the investment.
  • Aircraft – industry-best leasing rates achieved on the acquisition of new aircraft for charter operator. Affordable funding essential to off-setting fluctuations in aviation fuel costs.
  • Computers – flexible leasing covering both hardware and software for an across-the-facility upgrade. Funding arranged to cover acquisition costs as well as installation and training.
  • CNC machines – the latest technology machines were acquired with negotiation of lower rates on Chattel Mortgage. 7 year term secured which allows client to cost-effective repayments and realising ROI.
  • Cameras – funding arranged for acquisition and installation of CCTV and security cameras throughout a facility. Assets acquired with Leasing and installation with unsecured loan.
  • Logging – through one of our specialist heavy machinery lenders, secured workable funding for new operator purchasing machines for contracts in land conservation and management.
  • Commercial Solar – lower rates and negotiated terms allowed owner of a manufacturing business to install commercial solar to reduce energy costs and realise greater profitability.
  • Commercial Boats – with our experience in marine lending, utilised our specialist lender connections to negotiate highly attractive lease terms for charter operator.

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Equipment Loans

Financing a new café may include a range of assets including the fixtures and fittings, furniture, kitchen fit out including appliances as well as IT, POS and other items. Separate funding arrangements may be applicable and/or it may be possible to include multiple assets in the one funding contract.

Yes. Sole traders are eligible for commercial funding where they hold a current ABN. Being registered for GST is not essential.

Wheeled goods can be financed with the operator’s choice of credit product – Chattel Mortgage, Leasing, Rent to Own or Commercial Hire Purchase. The choice is dependent on the individual requirements, aspects of the operation, accounting measures, balance sheet approach and similar. All options may suit funding of wheeled goods.

All commercial lending product offer a tax deductible element. These elements vary across the product selection. With Lease and Rent to Own the repayments are tax deductible. With Chattel Mortgage and CHP the asset is depreciated and the value of the depreciation is the tax deduction. Which is the most effective option will depend on suitability to the objectives of the enterprise.

If purchasing multiple items such as forklifts, operators can discuss the possibility of including all in a single funding arrangement. Lenders may have their own guidelines around what can be achieved in this respect. Consideration of the specific goods, the application and the operation may be involved. Operators may benefit from the assistance of a broker to structure the funding.

Both hardware and software can be purchased with commercial funding. The type of credit applicable to the separate items may depend on the acceptance of the items as security. IT hardware is suited to asset acquisition credit which includes Chattel Mortgage, CHP, Lease and Rent to Own. The most suitable product for the software may depend on lender guidelines. Unsecured options may be considered where a secured option is not approved by a lender.

Yes. All types of medical devices and appliances are included the category for machinery funding. The same selection of credit products apply.

Application may be made for funding to cover the machinery required to set up a new brewery. The specifics of the items required will determine the type of credit product best-suited to the purchase.

The interest rate varies across the range of machinery credit products. CHP and Chattel Mortgage typically attract the lowest rates across the market. Lease is slightly higher and Rent to Own has the higher rate. Rates on unsecured options can vary depending on the quality of the application and any collateral provided.

Interest rates for commercial credit can vary for acquisitions in different industry sectors. Rates are determined by lenders based primarily on the risk assessment. This can involve the assessment of individual applicants and the industries in which they operate.

No. Registration for GST is not a pre-requisite for eligibility for commercial credit.

Used and second-hand machine can be acquired with the same credit products as new goods, subject to lender approval. This approval may be based on the age and condition of the machines being considered suitable security or collateral for the funding.

Applications for commercial funding can be submitted and approved prior to purchase. When purchasing machines at auctions, buyers can have funds approved prior to the event to enable confident bidding to a certain limit.

Buyers can use online calculators to work up estimates of repayments prior to applying for credit. These devices are available at lender and broker websites and are free to use.

Operators starting a new enterprise usually do not have all the documentation that is requested by banks and some lenders for the standard commercial credit application. They can consider Low Doc and No Doc options. These are available through primarily non-bank lenders and brokers can assist in sourcing these options.