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Bad Credit Business Loan Finance

When a business has a bad credit history or poor credit score, it can be a major impediment to securing finance. But it is not impossible. There are lenders that will offer cost-effective loans to organisations with bad credit and there are also measures that can be undertaken to improve their prospects of achieving an acceptable outcome.

We have connections with lenders that offer this type of loan, dependent on individual circumstances. Submit your loan request and we will provide the information.

Business Finance Bad Credit Business Loan Finance
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Compare the Interest Rates on Different Types of Financing

Interest rates vary across different products and it can be challenging to access multiple sources for the purpose of comparison. We’ve brought it all together in this one handy interest rate comparison chart with a repayment calculation capability. While interest rates may differ from these, this is a great place to start your planning process.

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Disclaimer: This chart is provided solely for the purpose of comparing interest rates on different types of loans as currently offered. Broker and lender fees and charges are not all included. The interest rate offered on lending can differ from the rate for good credit applicants. So any offers made to you may have a different repayment and a different interest rate. This is not a loan application form. The results calculated are not a loan offer or a loan approval in any way.

17 May

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* The interest rate is calculated on a secured loan for commercial use, effective 17/05/2024 and subject to change. Warning: the interest rate is only true for the examples given and may not include all fees and charges. Different terms, fees or other loan amounts may result in a different interest rate.

17 May

Today's best rate

Finance Equipment From

4.99 % Fixed

* The interest rate is calculated on a secured loan for commercial use, effective 17/05/2024 and subject to change. Warning: the interest rate is only true for the examples given and may not include all fees and charges. Different terms, fees or other loan amounts may result in a different interest rate.

Finance Purposes

It is possible for businesses with bad credit to secure finance for a range of purchases including:-

As this is a high-risk loan category, loans which include security such as cars and equipment are more likely to be achieved than unsecured loans where no security is available as guarantee against the loan.

Due to the high-risk nature of this type of loan, higher interest rates and stricter loan conditions usually apply.

Types of Loans

Depending on individual lenders and individual applications, bad credit loans are available for the full range of commercial loan facilities including:-

Commercial Lending Requirements

An application may be defined as a ‘bad credit’ based on:-

  • Credit history and credit score.
  • Trading history.
  • History of loan defaults.

The requirements for this type of loan will vary based on individual lender guidelines. However, as a general reference, applicants need to provide:-

  • ABN holder.
  • GST status – being registered for GST is usually viewed more positively than not being registered for GST.
  • Proof of ID
  • Financial documentation. BAS statements, bank statements, business accounts and other records.

Improving Your Business Loan Application

Implementing certain measures can help improve a bad credit application, leading to better interest rates and loan outcomes.

  • Address issues on the credit history to improve the credit score. Review your credit report and apply to have eligible entries removed.
  • Prepare detailed documentation as to how the business’s intends to meet the repayment obligations.
  • Engage the services of a broker to source lenders that specialise in this type of loan and have the skills required to negotiate an acceptable outcome.

We are a hub for resources and information regarding even the most challenging finance scenarios. We have connections with lenders that offer bad credit and with brokers that may be able to assist you.

Connect with us for lenders and brokers that may be able to assist you with achieving bad credit loans.

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Bad Credit Loan Financing

Bad credit truck funding may be sourced through specialised lenders. Any offers made will be dependent on the lender guidelines and subject to a review of the creditworthiness of the applicant. As small enterprises, owner operators can expect that a review of their personal credit profile will   form an integral part of the application approval process. This is a specialised area and all applications are addressed based on the individual aspects of the owner-operator.

The loan terms offered for poor credit funding will be dependent on individual lender guidelines. Terms of up to 7 years can be achieved for truck and equipment funding for applicants accepted by lenders. Each bad credit application is addressed individually and any offers made accordingly.

The rates, terms and conditions advertised by lenders are typically for applicants that have a good credit rating. Applicants with a lower rating may expect a higher interest rate and additional conditions on the funding. These may include additional security required, a limit on the total loan amount and others. Any special conditions would be advised when a quote is obtained.

No. Low Doc and No Doc funding is for enterprises that do not have all the financial records and documentation that is required to fully complete the application form. These applicants may have a good credit rating but not the documentation. Bad credit applicants may have full documentation.

Yes. Where an applicant is accepted for bad credit funding and accepts a lender offer, all the relevant tax deductions may be realised. The tax benefits vary across the selection of products – Chattel Mortgage, Lease, CHP and Rent to Own. When funding is finalised, the borrower receives may be entitled to claim the relevant deductions associated with the product selected.

It may be expected that the personal credit history and financial position of owners and directors of enterprises applying for bad credit funding would be reviewed. This may be especially relevant to small enterprises such as partnerships, sole traders and owner-operators. Personal guarantees from owners/directors may be requested to secure funding.

The circumstances by which a bad credit situation was arrived at, may be important to the approval process. Lenders may review the circumstances when assessing the application. Some may view certain circumstances with greater leniency and this may result in a better offer. Applicants are encouraged to be forthwith and provide detailed explanations when making a bad credit application.

Applications and requests for lending can be reported by lenders to Credit Reporting Agencies. The agencies maintain the credit histories of entities and individuals. Lenders review these credit reports when assessing applications. Where multiple requests for the same funding appear in a report, this may be viewed negatively by lenders as it may be seen as desperation.

Credit histories are held by Credit Reporting Agencies. These histories contain the history of credit held and applied for over a certain number of years. It shows the credit score and credit rating. Individuals and commercial enterprises can request a copy of their credit report through the relevant agencies. If errors appear on the report, there is a process in place to allow for fixing errors. This may improve the rating. Reducing debt levels may improve the financial position which may lead to a more favourable approach by lenders.

A bad credit score may need time to improve by displaying an ongoing record of good payments. Applicants may improve their prospects of being made a better offer by taking actions to improve their current financial position. This may include paying down current debt levels, both business and personal. It may include increasing income prospects by securing new or additional work. Reducing outgoings to improve the cash flow position may be considered.

When an application with a poor credit rating is approved for funding for a truck, the operator usually has their choice of product. The products include Chattel Mortgage, Truck Leasing, Commercial Hire Purchase and Rent to Own. The choice of product would be made by considering suitability of the features with the objectives and accounting issues of the operation.

All types of plant, machinery and equipment used across all industry sectors may be eligible for funding by all types of businesses including those with a poor rating for credit. Consideration of the asset – type, age, condition, etc, would typically form part of the application assessment process. Interest rates may vary on equipment based on the industry sector. Rates vary for new and used equipment.

Due to their structural nature of and the regulatory requirements, banks must adhere to certain guidelines when approving funding. When an operator with a poor credit rating is rejected for funding when applying directly to a bank, there are options available. There are non-bank lenders that will consider applications with a poor credit rating. Some of these do not work directly with customers but through selected finance brokers. Operators may consider engaging with a specialist finance broker to assist in sourcing quotes and offers.

Yes. When funding is secured based on a poor credit rating, the interest rate offered is typically higher than for good credit applicants. Additional conditions may apply. If over the initial period of the term the operator exhibits a good track record of meeting repayments, it may improve the credit rating. Refinancing to achieve a better interest rate and less strict conditions may be considered. Fees and charges will apply for ending the original arrangement early. These need to be considered in the overall cost-effectiveness of refinancing.