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Inclusive Services for Small Commercial Equipment Loans

As specialists in commercial lending in Australia, we know that many smaller enterprises can feel overlooked and excluded when it comes to sourcing both the services to assist them and the funding to support their operation. Which is why our smaller clients appreciate our fully inclusive services and support in meeting the requirements when acquiring new machinery and assets.

We support smaller operators by providing our full-service broker facilities and a complete portfolio of options to ensure our clients capture and capitalise on opportunities available to them. Assisting by securing workable, lower interest rate funding with terms and conditions negotiated to meet their specific objectives.

Business Finance Inclusive Services for Small Commercial Equipment Loans
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Get the Best Interest Rates for Small Commercial Equipment Loans
Compare Lower Interest Rates on Equipment Loans for Small Ventures

We focus intently on securing lower interest rates across our portfolio to ensure clients achieve the most cost-effective solutions. Use our current lower interest rates to compare finance products, to plan new acquisitions and to compare options for different machinery being considered. All applications are assessed on an individual basis. Contact us for a specific quote based on your acquisition and business profile.

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Disclaimer: The comparison rate displayed is calculated for a loan of $30,000 over 5 years. The results from this calculator should be used as an indication only. Quoted repayments are based on advertised rates and do not include lender fees and charges. Results do not represent either quotes or pre-qualifications for a loan. The specific details of your loan will be provided to you in your loan contract. It is advised that you speak with us so that we can provide you with advice that is tailored to your situation.

21 May

Today's best rate

Finance Equipment From

4.99 % Fixed

* The interest rate is calculated on a secured loan for commercial use, effective 21/05/2024 and subject to change. Warning: the interest rate is only true for the examples given and may not include all fees and charges. Different terms, fees or other loan amounts may result in a different interest rate.

21 May

Today's best rate

Finance Equipment From

4.99 % Fixed

* The interest rate is calculated on a secured loan for commercial use, effective 21/05/2024 and subject to change. Warning: the interest rate is only true for the examples given and may not include all fees and charges. Different terms, fees or other loan amounts may result in a different interest rate.

Easily Estimate Your Equipment Loan Repayments for Small Businesses
How to Get Repayment Estimates on Equipment Loans

To start planning and budgeting, use our online calculator to obtain rough estimates on repayments. This is an online tool, free to use and without obligation. An essential resource to assist in making decisions when comparing different machinery makes and models at varying prices.

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Expert Assistance for Commercial Equipment Loans
How to Get Assistance with Small Commercial Equipment Loans

Getting assistance in sourcing affordable and individually sourced finance is as easy as making a call to us. No referral is required and every client, regardless of the size of their operation is welcomed and receives our full attention. As brokers, our role is to act on behalf of our clients to source the most suitable and affordable funding from across our vast selection of banks and lenders.

Each client is assigned one of our brokers who has specific experience in their industry sector and understands the unique challenges faced by smaller enterprises. This provides one point of direct contact throughout the process and more streamlined, one-to-one operating model.

Your broker will be handling the entire sourcing and negotiating process because we know that one of the biggest issues for smaller operators is time. Having sufficient time to actually carry out customer orders as well as address their own admin, operational and financial tasks. We handle the funding so clients can devote their time to income generating activities.

We are an Australian owned and operated company and our team is fully located in country. You will be working with licensed credit professionals who meet Australian regulatory standards. Professionals who are up to date with ASIC rulings, the latest tax measures in regard to asset investments and who understand business financials.

Over our 20+ years in the commercial lending sector, we have been granted accreditation with more than 80 lenders – Australia’s major banks, second tier banks, credit companies and other non-bank lenders. This provides our brokers with more opportunities and options to source the most affordable funding for each client including smaller enterprises.

With our smart technology and operating model, we provide services Australia-wide.

  • Access to 80+ Lenders
  • Expert Small Business Lenders
  • Highly Trained, Fully Licensed Professionals.
  • Australian owned and operated.
  • Direct contact for smaller operators – no referral required.
  • Individual attention, individually structured solutions.
  • Wide selection of options for small business.
  • Member FBAA.
  • Australia-wide services.

Diverse Needs of Small Businesses with Equipment Loans
Types of Small Enterprises We Assist with Loans for Equipment

We assist all types of smaller enterprise structures from the micro one-person set-ups, through sole traders, self-employed and through to those with up to 20 or more employees. We recognise that many smaller enterprises have been trading over lengthy timeframes while others are in the early stages or just starting up.

Our services are inclusive of all, across all industry sectors.

  • Equipment Loans for Small Businesses with long trading history.
  • Small Business Equipment Loans for under 12 month trading.
  • Equipment Loans for Small Business with 20+ employees.
  • Equipment Loans for Small Business with less than 5 employees.
  • Sole Trader Equipment Loans.
  • Equipment Loans for Micro Business.
  • ABN Equipment Loans for Small Business.
  • Owner-operator Machinery Finance.
Diverse Financing Solutions for Equipment

Tailored Solutions for Commercial Equipment Loans
Specialist Small Commercial Equipment Loan Solutions

Not all smaller enterprises will be in a position to meet the criteria for funding approval as set by many banks and lenders. This may relate to:- the time they have been trading – less than 12-24 months; the availability of complete financials; and/or turnover levels.

We work with operators in these situations to source affordable options through our specialist lenders. Workable solutions at lower interest rates can be a very realistic prospect as shown in our track record. Each application is addressed individually. Speak with us about how we can assist you.

  • Small Business Equipment Loans Without financials
  • Trading less than 12 months Equipment Loans
  • Low Turnover Equipment Loans for Small Business
  • Newly Qualified Tradie Machinery Loans
Customized Equipment Financing Solutions for Small Businesses

Explore Your Options: Types of Equipment Loans for Small Businesses
Types of Small Business Equipment Loans

Smaller enterprises can select from the same portfolio of asset acquisition credit products as larger companies. The products vary in regard to treatment of taxation, approach to balance sheet, account method compatibility and other aspects. It is advised that operators ask their accountant or financial advisor which would work best for their individual set-up.

  • Chattel Mortgage Equipment Finance for Small Enterprise
  • Equipment Leasing for Small Enterprise
  • Equipment Rent to Own for Small Enterprise
  • Commercial Hire Purchase for Small Enterprise
  • Low Doc and No Doc Options for Small Enterprise
Small Business Diversity: Understanding Different Types

Find Workable Solutions: Small Enterprise Equipment Loan Options
Get Workable Small Enterprise Equipment Loan Solutions

Using a broker can greatly assist smaller enterprises to achieve solutions that genuinely work to meet their objectives. We source, negotiate and structure funds on an individual basis, to target the individual objectives of smaller operators.

  • Lower interest rate funding.
  • Fixed terms up to 7 years.
  • Workable loan conditions.
  • Fixed rates, fixed repayments.
  • Flexible balloons and residuals.
  • No deposit options.
  • Tax-optimised outcomes.
  • GST registration not essential
  • ABN essential.
Minimal Documentation Finance Options for Small Businesses
Tailored Solutions for Equipment Financing Experts

Quick Approval: Small Commercial Loans in No Time
Fast Approval for Equipment Loans for Small Enterprise

Using our broker services can greatly expedite the approvals process. We operate at an industry level with our lenders, allowing our brokers access to faster approvals and processing.

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Small Business Equipment Loan Solutions

Yes. Sole traders would be considered as smaller enterprises when applying for finance. Smaller enterprises can include sole traders, self-employed operators, contractors, owner-operators, micro operations and enterprises with up to around 20 employees.

Smaller enterprises have a choice of the full portfolio of funding products for the purchase of machinery and other goods. The selection includes Chattel Mortgage, Leasing, Commercial Hire Purchase and Rent-to-Own.

No. Interest rates are offered based on the lender’s assessment of individual applications. Many smaller enterprises with complete financials, good credit profile and strong turnover can be offered highly competitive, lower rates.

Yes. IT would be considered as the type of goods for asset acquisition funding. One person operations or micro enterprises, are eligible to apply for commercial funding.

Yes. Owner-operators acquiring excavators would fit the profile for funding as a smaller enterprise. All kinds of construction and building machinery may be financed with commercial credit products.

Interest rates applicable to credit for smaller enterprises would be determined by the lender. All applications are individually assessed. Operators may use advertised rates as a guide to the lowest rates achievable.

To apply for commercial credit, enterprises must have an ABN and provide financials and documentation on their operation. Documentation includes tax returns, BAS returns, annual accounts, trading spreadsheets, banks statements and similar. Where financials are not available, operators may seek lenders that offer No Doc and Low Doc options. GST registration is not essential.

Yes. All commercial credit products for asset acquisition have tax deductible components. With Rent to Buy and Lease, the repayments are fully deductible. With CHP and Chattel Mortgage, a tax deduction is received when the asset is depreciated in line with the relevant ATO depreciation scheduling.

Yes. Funding for yellow goods, wheeled good and other machinery used in the construction sector may be purchased with funding for smaller enterprises. Smaller enterprises can include sole traders, self-employed, owner operators and enterprises that employ others.

The term for the financing may be subject to lender approval. It can depend on the amount requested, the credit history of the applicant, the risk assessment and an assessment of the goods being acquired. Terms of up to 7 years can be approved.

Yes, subject to lender approval. Including the full purchase price in funding is referred to as no deposit financing.

The collateral required for funding is subject to lender assessment of the individual application. With many applications, the goods being funded form the security for the finance and no further collateral is required. For small enterprises, some will be required to provide a personal guarantee.

Yes. Applications for finance for machinery can be submitted and approved prior to the purchase. The loan amount is estimated and finalised after purchase. As interest rates and finance conditions can vary with different goods and industries, an indication of the details of the goods would be required.

All kinds of goods, assets and machinery to be used in a commercial enterprise may be financed with commercial credit.

Yes. A balloon is an option with Chattel Mortgage. It is a percentage of the amount requested in the loan, which is due for payment in full after the last monthly payment is made. When approved for Chattel Mortgage machinery finance, operators may select the balloon option.