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As specialists in commercial funding, we assist operators to better deal with the expected and the unexpected nature of running a commercial enterprise with finance to manage the flow of cash. Challenges in having funds available to pay ongoing and unexpected expenses when due, can be experienced by all kinds of commercial operations at some time. Our targeted solutions address specific purposes and are structured to meet individual client specifications.

Issues may be due to the seasonal nature of the industry, unforeseen events, market fluctuations and the economic conditions. Struggling through these issues can place operators in a precarious situation. Reaching out to secure our affordable, workable options can provide security, stability and a solid pathway forward.

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We have a number of secured and unsecured options available to address the specific need for available credit. Rates vary with credit products and our lower rates can offer a very cost-effective solution. For a specific quote on funds to meet your objectives, please speak with one of our brokers to source the lowest rate option.

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Disclaimer: The comparison rate displayed is calculated for a loan of $30,000 over 5 years. The results from this calculator should be used as an indication only. Quoted repayments are based on advertised rates and do not include lender fees and charges. Results do not represent either quotes or pre-qualifications for a loan. The specific details of your loan will be provided to you in your loan contract. It is advised that you speak with us so that we can provide you with advice that is tailored to your situation.

21 May

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4.99 % Fixed

* The interest rate is calculated on a secured loan for commercial use, effective 21/05/2024 and subject to change. Warning: the interest rate is only true for the examples given and may not include all fees and charges. Different terms, fees or other loan amounts may result in a different interest rate.

21 May

Today's best rate

Finance Equipment From

4.99 % Fixed

* The interest rate is calculated on a secured loan for commercial use, effective 21/05/2024 and subject to change. Warning: the interest rate is only true for the examples given and may not include all fees and charges. Different terms, fees or other loan amounts may result in a different interest rate.

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How to Estimate Cashflow Loans for your Venture

Interest rates vary on the options available. Use our calculator to work up estimated repayments and interest payments on the different options to assist with decision making.

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As an Australian owned and operated company, we have real experience and insights into the challenges faced by operators in all states and territories. We have over 20+ years of experience in sourcing and structuring workable solutions for enterprises facing issues balancing income and expenses at different times.

Our specialist skills in commercial finance include expert financial acumen to understand balance sheet concerns and source suitable solutions for those specific issues. Utilising smart technology in combination with the capabilities and expertise of our brokers. Expertise which includes being across the latest tax and corporate rulings to optimise solutions for all types of operations – SMEs, sole traders, large corporations, start-up and those without financials.

  • Smart technology
  • Australian operation with in-depth local knowledge
  • Sharp financial acumen
  • 20+ years of specialist experience
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Get Access to Commercial Cashflow Loans from 80+ Lenders

A range of secured and unsecured options are available through a large commercial lending market. We assist operators in connecting with the lender that best suits their profile and their credit requirements. Our accreditation with a vast number of lenders opens access to an area of the market which is not readily accessible directly by operators – only via brokers as selected by those lenders.

  • Industry-level access to 80+ lenders – banks and non-bank lenders
  • Extensive leverage to negotiate lower rates, more workable terms and conditions
  • Access to more credit options and variations
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Explore the Various Kinds of Cashflow Loans for Enterprises
Types of Cashflow Loans for Enterprises

The kind of operation, the purpose for the credit, the amount required and the timeframe required for the funding can determine which is the most suitable credit product.

  • Overdraft: A widely used form of support which can be arranged on a fixed shorter term or over an extended period. A fixed amount of funds is available to be used as and when required for a wide range of expenses. Interest rates may be fixed or variable and security required may be based on assets or turnover for some applicants. Available through banks and our non-bank lenders.
  • Line of Credit: An option where credit support is required over a longer period, often an unspecified period. Use the funds required when required and replace or repay at a time that suits income and turnover. Due to the longer timeframe, a variable rate typically applies.
  • Secured Credit: Where a fixed amount is required for a known time period, a secured credit product can be a more cost-effective option to an overdraft. While not as flexible as an overdraft, the fixed lower rates over a fixed term can make this a more affordable option.
  • Unsecured Credit: Unsecured funds can be arranged over a fixed term with a fixed rate where the purpose of the funding is not suitable for security. Some of our non-bank lenders do approve this type of credit based on turnover of as little as 6 months.
  • SME Credit: Solutions are available for SMEs across all industry sectors.
  • Sole Trader, Self-employed Options: We have lenders that approve credit for sole traders and micro operators.
A Comprehensive Range of Asset Loan Categories

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Smart Cashflow Loans Solutions

Solutions are available to address a wide range of needs across all kinds of set-ups in all industries.

  • Manage income-expenses
  • Improve balance sheet management
  • Deal with slow-paying customers
  • Meet seasonal, unexpected expenses
  • Acquire stock and inventory
  • Purchase materials and supplies
  • Meet regular payments to avoid late payment fees and bad credit outcomes
  • Working capital to grow the operation
  • Pay down debt
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Fast Approval of Cashflow Loans for your Venture

The need for credit can be planned or come quite unexpectedly. We provide fast approvals to ensure prompt access to the funds required to meet expenses and support operators to achieve their objectives. Apply online or over the phone with one of our brokers.

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Cashflow Financing

There are a number of credit products available to address income-expenditure imbalances. These include overdraft, line of credit, secured finance and unsecured finance. The suitability of products can be based on the timeframe, amount required and purpose for the funds.

An overdraft is a line of credit where a set amount of fund is made available to be used when required. The overdraft amount is typically applied to the transaction account so operators can see how much of the overdraft they are using at any time. Once the funding is approved, the borrower does not need to refer to the lender to use the funds. An overdraft can be set up for varying lengths of time or on an ongoing basis.

The interest rate is different for the different options. Secured options may attract a lower rate than unsecured and overdrafts. Rates can vary between different banks and with non-bank lenders. The rate on a particular loan may be fixed or variable.

To select the most suitable funding option to meet expenses, operators can review the features of each option in relation to the amount required, the purpose for the funds and the amount of time the funds are required for. Short term and long term options are available as are fixed term products and ongoing lines of credit.

The way tax is handled on funding can be dependent on the accounting practices implemented by the enterprise. Interest payments and fees charged by lenders should be tax deductible. Where repayments are made on secured and unsecured options, operators should consult with their accountant re the deductibility.

Funds to manage income-expenses can be used for a range of purposes. These include:- covering general operating costs and expenses; purchasing inventory; purchasing supplies, materials and components; covering unexpected costs; repairs and maintenance of equipment and machinery; and acquisitions for which asset finance is not suitable.

Ongoing lines of credit, overdrafts and similar drawn-down facilities do not have fixed repayment schedules. The funds are used and replaced as suits the needs and turnover of the operation. Secured and unsecured options will have a fixed monthly repayment schedule.

Yes. All kinds of enterprises can apply for commercial credit products. Approval is based on individual lender criteria. A personal guarantee may be required. Where a sole trader does not meet the criteria of a bank or lender, they may seek options from non-bank lenders or a broker.

The security required on commercial credit for ongoing general support will depend on the type of product, the profile of the applicant and lender guidelines. Some products can be sourced based on strength of turnover while others will require assets or property as security.

Operators without financials can seek No Docs and Low Docs options for ongoing funding support products. These are typically available through non-bank lenders and can be sourced through brokers.

Yes. General lines of credit type funds can be used to purchase stock and build inventory. The funds can be repaid or replenished when the stock is on-sold.

The finance term for general lines of credit may be fixed or ongoing. Overdrafts may have a fixed term whereas lines of credit tend to be for longer, unspecified terms.

Start-up enterprises may apply for funding support for the operation. Approval will be based on lender guidelines. Security may be required to be provided by the owner.

An overdraft may be ideally suited to deal with slow-paying customers. This allows the funds to be available to pay bills and operating costs while waiting for income from invoices to be received. Other more targeted products include Invoice Funding products.

Seasonal issues with managing income and expenses are particularly common in the fresh produce, agricultural and farming sector. Overdrafts can be an ideally solution to allow growers to meet their expenses until harvest time.