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BOQ is the Bank of Queensland, a leading regional Australian bank and one of only a few that remains separate from ownership by one of the major banking groups. BOQ operates on a franchising model so many of the branch managers are actually the owners of that branch as well as the manager. This model provides a personalised edge to the BOQ offering.

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BOQ Business Loans

The bank provides services to consumers and commercial operators for both transactional requirements and loans for many purposes.

In the commercial loan sector, BOQ offers lending both through its wholly owned subsidiary – BOQ Loans and directly to commercial customers through BOQ itself. BOQ is ranked as a mid-level financier and specialises in dealer lending, loans for importers and manufacturers and other specialist areas. More information on BOQ

BOQ is included in the our lender panel and we can facilitate the connection between your commercial organisation and the lending team at BOQ to discuss your requirements.

BOQ Commercial Loans

The BOQ range of loans to organisation’s is comprehensive and well suited to both small commercial operators and larger corporates for a range or asset acquisitions and lending purposes.

It includes:-

To facilitate these loans, BOQ offers a comprehensive range of loan options, including:-

  • Loan Lease
  • Commercial Hire Purchase
  • Specific Security Agreement, also known as Chattel Mortgage
  • Rental Agreement
  • Novated Lease
  • Energy Efficient Finance

Commercial operators should consult with their accountant prior to speaking with BOQ to determine which loan product best suits their commercial structure. The loan products vary in their treatment of tax deductions, GST, balance sheet entry, depreciation and suitability to either a cash or accruals accounting method.

Sourcing a BOQ Business Loan

As BOQ is on our lending panel, contact us today to discuss your commercial loan requirements. We offer you several options in our service – direct connection with BOQ, connections with BOQ and other lenders that meet your criteria and/or a contact with a broker to handle your BOQ commercial loan on your behalf.

A commercial business loans broker can present significant benefits to many commercial organisation’s and may be worth considering. Review further information on broker services on our web page.

Whatever is your personal preference, we will provide you with a streamline service with an easy to use process to connect with the BOQ people that handle commercial loans.

The Process

  • Through our online form, provide us with your loan requirements and details of your commercial organisation.
  • Your information will be assessed by our expert team who know what the lenders are looking for and we match you against the lenders on our panel.
  • We then provide you with a shortlist of suitable lenders, including BOQ.

We are your essential tool when it comes to commercial loans. The information, explainers, tips and hints and the direct access to facilitate your BOQ commercial loan requirements.

Connect with us to be connected with the right team to discuss your Business Loan requirements.