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Private Business Loans | Finance Australia

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*The Interest Rate is calculated on a Secured Loan for business use, effective 03/02/2023 and subject to change. WARNING: The interest rate is true only for the examples given and may not include all fees and charges. Different terms, fees or other loan amounts may result in a different interest rate.

Private Business Loans

Business Finance is a credit hub which works inside and outside the square. The Australian lending sector has seen an increase in the lending options available to commercial operations and we cover all these options for you. We have connections for financial solutions through traditional bank and first tier lenders and we cater for commercial operators which have special requirements, including Private Commercial Loans.

Private Commercial Loans are a specialist category of lending where a ABN operator seeks credit for a purpose which may not be covered under traditional banking criteria or does not meet the lending guidelines set by banks and lenders for that purpose.

This type of loans is usually provided by non-bank lenders which may include private, high-wealth individuals, third party sources, private companies and institutions and development funders and may be sourced both within Australia and through our international connections. These individuals and companies may have cash available to invest and are themselves seeking a higher return option.

We connects private lenders with commercial entities to work towards mutually rewarding objectives.

While this type of lending is considered within an unregulated sector as non-bank lenders do not have the same strict loan guidelines as banks, private lenders are subject to the same regulations in regard to lending. The practice is considered safe by many operators and is quite a commonly utilised form of lending and becoming increasingly popular with many commercial entities.

Private Loan Purposes for Business's

Private commercial lending can be arranged to cover a range of purposes including:-

  • Commercial property purchase
  • Purchase of an ongoing commercial enterprise
  • Commercial start-up
  • Working capital
  • Property development
  • Construction loan
  • Finalising commercial debts

If you require a loan for any of these purposes, have not been successful in securing a bank loan, connect with we and we’ll connect you with people who may be able to assist.

This type of lending cannot be utilised for the purposes of investing in residential property or to purchase residential property for the borrower.

Lending Features

As a less regulated type of lending, private commercial loans are negotiated between the lender and borrowing commercial to meet their respective objectives.

  • This type of loan is a tailored solution and the terms and repayment structure will be customised in most instances.
  • The interest rate may be fixed or variable, depending on individual circumstances.
  • The interest rate is usually higher than the current interest rate charged by banks for comparable loans.
  • Mostly secured loans.
  • Security may be private residential or commercial property, landholding or similar property.
  • Second mortgages are possible with some lenders.
  • Some private lenders may extend credit against the future income of a commercial organisation or against the goodwill of the organisation
  • Short loan terms available from as short as 3 months.
  • LVR (loan to value ratio) will vary from lender to lender and will be dependent on loan type and assets involved. 65% is the general LVR.

We have contacts with private commercial lenders who are ready to discuss lending with commercial organisations, so get in touch so we can connect you with lenders who may be ready to assist you.

Benefits of Private Business Loans

There are many potential benefits to private commercial lending, which may include:-

  • Greater flexibility in regard to loan terms and repayment structure.
  • Short-term financial arrangements are not always offered by banks.
  • Broader scope for loan security options.

We have extensive experience across all aspects of the commercial lending sector and can connect you with private lenders that best suit your commercial lending requirements and are best-placed to meet your objectives.

Connect with us for connections with lenders that may assist you.

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