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*The Interest Rate is calculated on a Secured Loan for business use, effective 03/02/2023 and subject to change. WARNING: The interest rate is true only for the examples given and may not include all fees and charges. Different terms, fees or other loan amounts may result in a different interest rate.

Chattel Mortgage

Jade Equipment Finance offers Chattel Mortgage facilities as a flexible and workable commercial loan solution for businesses of all sizes to purchase or refinance equipment.

Commercial Hire Purchase | CHP

Jade Equipment Finance offers Commercial Hire Purchase (CHP) as a commercial loan product option for the purchase or refinance of equipment. CHP can be applied for by businesses of all sizes, including small, solo-operators, SMEs and large corporations

Equipment Leasing

Jade Equipment Finance provides a comprehensive range of commercial loan products for business equipment purchases.

Equipment Rent to Own

Jade Equipment Finance offers Asset Lease facilities at extremely attractive interest rates for the purchase of all types of business equipment. Asset Lease is a commercial loan product where the borrower has full use of the equipment throughout the term of the loan while the lender retains ownership.

Low Doc Business Loans

Jade Equipment Finance is a full service finance broker, providing a comprehensive range of business finance facilities and leasing products. As independent brokers, we are accredited with many lenders and banks and have a wide selection of options from which to source the best offers for your business finance requirements.

No Doc Business Loans

Jade Equipment Finance provides the full range of commercial finance facilities for the purchase of business vehicles. We are a leading broker in the motor vehicle lending sector and our consultants are specialists in structuring finance to suit individual business requirements.

Business Overdraft Facility

Jade Equipment Finance offers Equipment Rental as an ‘off balance sheet’ loan product for the purchase of business equipment. With this type of financing, the lender, ie financier, purchases the equipment and rents it to the borrower over the fixed term of the loan.

Invoice Financing

While many insurers offer ‘pay by the month’ options for insurance premiums on consumer items such as cars, boats, health and other assets, the same offer is not always available for business insurance premiums.

Insurance Premium Funding

Often it is not an equipment purchase that businesses require a financial solution for, but a viable and workable solution to issues with regard to their debtors. Jade Equipment Finance provides a highly effective Debtor Finance service to assist these businesses.

Business Finance FAQs

The acquisition of assets such as equipment, plant, machinery, trucks, cars and other vehicles can be a significant process for many businesses. To assist in the decision-making we have provided detailed information covering many aspects related to the finance side of the process. In this section we address specific queries to add to the details on our web pages. For more direct responses to your specific queries, please reach out to us on 1300 000 033

What businesses can apply for business finance?   

All types of commercial entities are eligible to apply for financing. This includes SMEs, family enterprises, sole traders, owner operators, large corporate structures, and those operating as an ABN only holder. The minimum criteria to be eligible to apply for a loan is to hold a current ABN and to have identification. Being registered for GST is not an essential requirement but can be viewed favourably by some lenders. Lenders will request a range of documentation in relation to the financial position of the business. These docs may include BAS statements, income tax returns, business accounts, assets and liabilities statements, bank statements, etc. Operations that do not have all the docs required by a lender may seek to apply for a Low Docs, No Docs, or ABN Only Loan.

What assets can be financed with business loans?   

In general, most equipment, plant, machinery, vehicles, and other assets are eligible for commercial loans. This would extend across most industry sectors and include both heavy machinery and equipment as well as general office equipment such as IT, security, and other furnishings, furniture, and fixtures. Software can also be financed. Chattel Mortgage, Leasing, CHP and Rent to Own are essentially secured loans and suited to physical assets. Where used assets do not meet the criteria of a lender for these facilities, an Unsecured Loan may be sought. If an operation requires lending for ‘intangible’ items such as training, ongoing cash flow support, and similar, a general Commercial Loan, Lender Overdraft, or other facilities may be suited.

What interest rate will I get?   

The interest rates displayed on our website for each of our facilities and loans are the best rates we are currently achieving and offering from across our lender base. Commercial operators that do not have all the docs requested by lenders may still achieve the interest rates as displayed but with stricter criteria and/or additional conditions applied to the loan. This would typically apply to Low Docs, No Docs, and ABN loans and include additional security being requested, a good credit profile required, and possible limits on the total loan amount and term of the loan. For a specific quote on your specific requirements, you would need to request a quote.

Are all business finance products tax deductible?   

All commercial lending includes a tax benefit to operators but is realised in varying ways and at varying times over the loan term and the financial year. This may be dependent on the accounting method used. With Leasing and Rent to Own, the loan repayment is considered as an operating expense and is tax deductible. With Chattel Mortgage, the interest is tax deductible but the major tax benefit is realised when the asset is depreciated at the end of year commercial accounts. Depreciation of assets is scheduled by the Australian Taxation Office. A percentage of the value of the asset as established by the ATO is depreciated as a tax deduction each year over several years. An asset may not be fully depreciated over the loan term, it may extend beyond that term. For details regarding your specific operation, refer to your accountant.

What is the best type of finance?   

There is no universal best type of commercial loan. The best is the one that is suited to your specific commercial set up, is sourced at the cheapest interest rates and structured to meet your individual requirements and financial objectives. The choice of which lending product best suits your commercial operation requires consideration of the accounting method implemented (cash or accruals); how your operations treat GST, balance sheet and tax deductions; and other aspects around accounting procedures. It is advised that owners consult with their accountant, CFO or advisor in selecting a loan product. If an operator is seeking to take advantage of accelerated asset depreciation measures as introduced at times by the government, then Chattel Mortgage is best suited to these measures. Such measures include Instant Asset Write Off and temporary full expensing.
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